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Quality of life must be enhanced. Neighborhoods must remain safe and stable, arts, culture and recreation opportunities must expand, educational opportunities must be available, health care and other “life” services must be accessible, and the physical assets of the county optimized.


Now is your chance to share your valuable opinions and be heard! What would you like to see at a brand new Hillsborough County park? 

Friends of the Northwest Regional Park (FONWRP, pronounced fun-wrap) was formed in the summer of 2014 — spearheaded in large part by Carrollwood Village residents. Local residents propose that the county purchase the soon to be vacated Dale Mabry Wastewater Treatment Plant, now known as “Delwood”, to use the property as a site for a regional county park (The Park Project). 

Paragraph one of the Hillsborough County 2014 Strategic Plan reads:

​FONWRP proposes that The Park Project operate under the same management umbrella as the Carrollwood Cultural Center (CCC) which was the first of its kind in Hillsborough County. The CCC offers a very wide range of cultural services, classes, performances and gatherings to almost 250,000 citizens across North West Hillsborough and sits on approximately 3 acres. With the collaboration and availability of public and private funding along with the sweat equity of hardy volunteers and help from community-oriented corporate sponsors a new regional park, The Park Project, would significantly broaden the green hub in North West Hillsborough and strengthen the adjoining neighborhoods. 

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Help us turn a wastewater treatment plant into a park

our mission:

Show county commissioners that the community wants green space! 

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The Dale Mabry Water Treatment Plant is being decommissioned since it is at the end of its useful life. County comissioners are trying to figure out what to do

with the land.     


Parks are great! They play a role in shaping a successful city

... and a successful county. 

Don’t you agree?