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Discussion of the Park Project on the County Level

On 3/18/2015, Commissioner Hagan officially launched his discussion of The Park Project at the board of county commissioners meeting. At the meeting, Mr.Hagan was very enthused about the possibilities for the park, as were his BOCC colleagues. They expressed that they were impressed by the citizen initiated project and placed a vote to determine whether they should spend time determining a plan and timeline. The motion passed 6-0.   

Click on the documents below to read the transcrips from the BOCC meeting that are related to the Park Project.

An article was written about the project in general and a full-spread photo of the Preliminary Park Concept was included for readers to see our vision!

Front Cover

Contribution to County

Quality of Life

FONWRP was featured on the cover of the Winter 2015 Village Views magazine. County Commissioner Hagen joined the committee members for the photo at the Delwood property.

Media and Press

By Mike Salinero | Tribune Staff 
Published: March 23, 2015

TAMPA — For years, Carrollwood Village residents told their civic leaders they’d like a park where their dogs could run and play with other dogs.

“One of the demands we had for a long time was for a dog park, but we had never been able to figure out where to put it,” said Bill DeMare, president of the Carrollwood Village Phase 2 board of directors.

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50-Acre Park a Dream Come True for Carrollwood Village