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Will the park bring a lot of traffic on West Village Drive?

Until the county finalizes the plan for Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the park's amenities, it's impossible to determine how much traffic will change. After prioritizing the amenities, the county will decide if a traffic study needs to be performed to address any traffic concerns.

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Carrollwood Community Park

In Carrollwood, between Lowell Road and West Village Drive, a 40 year old wastewater treatment plant is scheduled to be decommissioned and demolished. As of May 2017, the Board of County Commissioners have allocated a budget of $6.5 million towards the park. The funds will be used to purchase the land from Public Utilities, and the remainder will be used for the first phase of construction for the park.

The Carrollwood Park Conservancy (CPC) has been propelling this project forward since August 2014 when the news that the wastewater treatment plant was scheduled for decommissioning was first released.

Will the park increase crime in Carrollwood?

Generally, parks that are not properly maintained and abandoned without any police presence would be most at-risk of having crime. The CPC has been working with the Parks Department to ensure that the park will be managed in a way that will ensure the security of park goers, residents and the continued beauty of the park.

Will the park be noisy for nearby residents?

Although the park will include a variety of unique aspects that inherently bring noise, the park department understands how to develop a park and will take appropriate steps to minimize any noise pollution. At this time, sound studies have not been done, however, they will be done as needed.